Company Overview

Compower Corp. Offices 

Compower Corp. Offices 

Compower Corp. are manufacturer distributors of state of the art LED lighting. We design, test and install LED lighting for existing facilities, as well as LED lighting for newly constructed commercial buildings.

LED Lighting is more efficient than traditional lighting and usually reduces energy costs of lighting by 40 % to 70 %. Our LED lamps and fixtures have a life of 50,000 to 70,000 hours, additionally saving the time and expense of frequent replacement. Our LED lamps and fixtures are solid state and are shock resistant.LED lighting generates less heat than conventional lighting (saving on air conditioning costs) , have no Mercury or Lead and are considered a "Green Product".

Compower Corp. has contracts with multiple LED manufacturers, have many proprietary products and are experts at choosing the proper LED lighting to replace traditional lighting.

Compower Corp. will custom design a lighting plan and tailor it to its clients specific needs. We give our customer a pro forma comparison of their present lighting and their expected savings with our LED lighting. Customers can compare their estimated savings with their existing monthly bills.

Compower Corp. is a turnkey operation and will help our clients achieve their energy saving goals. We will help our clients with everything from receiving the latest government and local rebates, as well as supply information regarding LEED certification and tax incentives . 

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